Spheroid and Organoid Sorting & Isolation

Sort and isolate large particles such as 3D spheroids

Challenges of spheroid and organoid isolation

3D spheroids have gained significant interest in many research areas such as regenerative medicine, drug discovery, toxicity testing and cancer research. Due to their inherent clinical relevance, high-throughput screenings to isolate and manipulate spheroids are becoming increasingly important but aren’t available yet. To yield reproducible assays, the ability to pre-select spheroids based on their size, morphology and internal organization is critical. By merging SCIENION’s sciDROP NANO technology and cellenONE® software, Cellenion has developed the spheroONE, an innovative platform to isolate, inspect and dispense large-particle such as 3D spheroids. Here, we highlight the capabilities of the platform by demonstrating our ability to isolate spheroids displaying user-defined characteristics from a bulk heterogeneous population.


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spheroONE is a revolutionary technology with advanced visual processing solutions that provides real-time and high accuracy single large particles isolation and dispensing.