Spheroid and Organoid Sorting & Isolation

with spheroONE

Challenges of spheroid and organoid isolation

Complex In-Vitro 3D models have gained significant interest in many research areas such as regenerative medicine, drug discovery, toxicity testing and cancer research. Due to their inherent clinical relevance, such 3D models like spheroids and organoids are becoming increasingly important but solutions to manipulate and isolate them aren’t widely available yet. To yield reproducible assays, the ability to pre-select spheroids based on their size, morphology and internal organization is critical. Cellenion has developed spheroONE, an innovative platform to automate sorting and dispensing of large particles.


Drug discovery


Accelerate and standardize drug screening. Greatly improve your assays quality.

  • Rapid bulk culture prior spheroid isolation for preparation of assay-ready plates
  • Sorting (size, morphology) enables isolation of homogeneous spheroids from heterogeneous starting populations, greatly improving assay results
  • Fully controlled biomass per well in account of user-defined number of spheroids per well
  • Remove any debris to facilitate imaging and improve drug screening results
  • Accelerate drug screening workflows by minimizing time spent in incubators, i.e. isolated spheroids can directly be exposed to drugs rather than spending days in well plates
  • Avoid media exchange that may lead to spheroid loss

 Complex 3D models and stem cells


Enhance your organoid differentiation yield. Make complex 3D models handling easy.


  • Compartmentalization (isolate single organoids/tumoroids) based on user-defined parameters (size, morphology)
  • Pre-sorting of the most promising spheroids for organoid differentiation
    • Only aggregates with the potential of forming high quality organoids are selected, leading to enhanced yield
  • Sorting of differentiated organoids
    • Sorting organoids after differentiation in order to keep only those of interest
    • Starting material: adult stem cells, PSCs or iPSCs
  • Temperature control of target plate enables dispensing of organoids directly into Matrigel®
  • Work with small sized initial samples (i.e. patient-derived biopsy)
  • Possibility to deposit organoids/tumoroids on lab-on-a-chip devices

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spheroONE is a revolutionary technology with advanced visual processing solutions that provides real-time and high accuracy single large particles isolation and dispensing.