proteoCHIP 12*16

The first solution for end-to-end miniaturized single cell proteomics sample preparation for multiplex MS-based analysis

Unleash the potential of single cell proteomics.

With its optimal design and accessories, the proteoCHIP 12*16 is an innovative solution that further extends the capabilities of cellenONE® technology by facilitating miniaturized sample preparation of individual cells for multiplex single cell proteomics workflows. It enables all the front-end of the mass spectrometry on cellenONE®, including incubation steps.

The proteoCHIP 12*16 has a microscope slide footprint, allowing novel miniaturized single cell proteomics applications in nanoliter-scale volumes.

Each proteoCHIP contains 12 arrays (pools) of 16 wells each, enabling peptide labelling with TMTpro (either 11-plex or 16-plex). The cellenONE can handle up to 3 chips per run.

After labelling, the cells can be easily pooled with the proteoCHIP Funnel. A dedicated Accessory Kit provides all the adapters to facilitate the use of proteoCHIP and Funnels with cellenONE and centrifuge, and we also provide specific adaptors for the most widely used LC-MS/MS autosamplers (U3000, Vanquish Neo).

Benefits of proteoCHIP 12*16

  • Standardization: automated dispensing instead of manual pipetting enables more reproducibility
  • Miniaturization: nanoliter reaction volumes save reagents costs and increase sensitivity
  • Process safety: unique design and material prevents cross-contamination, while prefilling with oil overcomes evaporation
  • Throughput: isolate and prepare up to 576 single cells per run on cellenONE
  • Recovery: direct injection via autosampler leads to maximum liquid recovery and very little peptide loss
  • Data quality: identify and quantify >1500 proteins per single run, with outstanding signal-to-noise ratio (even with low or no carrier)

proteoCHIP 12*16 Workflow

Ready to unleash the potential of single cell proteomics?

proteoCHIP 12*16 runs on

  • Image-based single cell selection and isolation (morphology & fluorescence)
  • Precision reagent dispensing (pL – nL) for sample preparation
  • Environmental controls for on-deck incubation