proteoCHIP 12*16

The first solution for end-to-end miniaturized single cell proteomics sample preparation for multiplex MS-based analysis

Unleash the potential of single cell proteomics.

With its optimal design and accessories, the proteoCHIP 12*16 is an innovative solution that further extends the capabilities of cellenONE® technology by facilitating miniaturized sample preparation of individual cells for multiplex single cell proteomics workflows. It enables all the front-end of the mass spectrometry on cellenONE®, including incubation steps.

The proteoCHIP 12*16 has a microscope slide footprint, allowing novel miniaturized single cell proteomics applications in nanoliter-scale volumes.

Each proteoCHIP contains 12 arrays (pools) of 16 wells each, enabling peptide labelling with TMTpro (either 11-plex or 16-plex). The cellenONE can handle up to 3 chips per run.

After labelling, the cells can be easily pooled with the proteoCHIP Funnel. A dedicated Accessory Kit provides all the adapters to facilitate the use of proteoCHIP and Funnels with cellenONE, centrifuge, and LC-MS/MS autosampler.

Benefits of proteoCHIP 12*16

  • Standardization: automated dispensing instead of manual pipetting enables more reproducibility
  • Miniaturization: nanoliter reaction volumes save reagents costs and increase sensitivity
  • Process safety: unique design and material prevents cross-contamination, while prefilling with oil overcomes evaporation
  • Throughput: isolate and prepare up to 576 single cells per run on cellenONE
  • Recovery: direct injection via autosampler leads to maximum liquid recovery and very little peptide loss
  • Data quality: identify and quantify >1500 proteins per single run, with outstanding signal-to-noise ratio (even with low or no carrier)

proteoCHIP 12*16 Workflow

Ready to unleash the potential of single cell proteomics?

proteoCHIP 12*16 runs on

  • Image-based single cell selection and isolation (morphology & fluorescence)
  • Precision reagent dispensing (pL – nL) for sample preparation
  • Environmental controls for on-deck incubation