Automated sorting and isolation of single spheroids and organoids

About spheroONE

spheroONE is an innovative single large-particle sorter and dispenser which revolutionizes 3D cellular models handling. Using precision dispensing technology together with advanced image-based sorting capabilities, spheroONE is the perfect platform for the selection and isolation of single spheroids, organoids and tumoroids. It is a game-changer in drug screening and other applications where standard 3D models will gradually replace traditional animal models.

Benefits of spheroONE

  • Up to 100% accurate automated isolation of single cellular aggregates using morphology (size and shape)-based sorting
  • All particles from 80 – 600 µm in diameter
  • Gentle dispensing technology maintains integrity and viability of fragile cellular aggregates (e.g. organoids)
  • Biomass per well under precise control in account of user-defined number of spheroids per well and highly homogeneous populations
  • Remove cellular debris to facilitate imaging and enhance drug screening results
  • Compatible with any standard multiwell plate (i.e. 96, 384) in addition to custom-designed labware
  • Direct visual inspection of the sample along with full image record of the isolated cellular aggregates

This new platform broadens our single cell dispensing solutions portfolio by enabling the isolation and handling of cellular aggregates from 50 µm to 600 µm including spheroids, organoids, and tumoroids.

It enables easier use of complex in vitro 3D models that are more physiologically relevant, predictive and have the potential to complement and in some cases even replace animal models in drug screening and other applications like cancer research.

Isolate highly homogeneous spheroid populations with spheroONE

Leading to more reproducible drug screening assays



Tailored dispensing technology: gentle and fast actuated electromagnetic microvalve dispensing. Smart image-based, multi-parameter detection and sorting.

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