Automated selection, isolation and dispensing of standardized organoids, spheroids, and tumoroids, for enhanced 3D-model assay reproducibility and quality

Sub-Confluent Sub-Clonal Single Cell Isolation Workflow for Efficient Establishment of Clonal Cell Lines from Transfected Cells

Enhance your 3D cellular aggregates assays’ quality and reproductibility with automated single spheroids and organoids sorting and isolation from bulk populations

Single CTC 3’RNA sequencing using VTX-1, cellenONE and cellenCHIP 384

Parallel measurement of transcriptomes and proteomes from same single cells using nanodroplet splitting

Single CTC 3’RNA sequencing using the cellenONE F1.4 instrument

Bolster your confidence with your 3D cellular aggregates assay with automated bulk spheroids and organoids isolation and sorting

cellenONE® as automated single cell seeding platform for hiPSC subcloning

cellenONE® for single cell proteomics sample preparation

cellenONE® for Automated and Miniaturized Single Cell Proteomics Sample Preparation Workflows at High-Throughput using Ultra-Low Volumes

cellenONE®: an innovative tool for high quality and sensitivity 3’ scRNA-seq libraries in nanoliter volume