Our technology explained

Automated image-based sorting of cells using brightfield and/or up to 4 fluorescence channels

Precision low-volume drop-on-demand dispensing from 250pL to 1µL


SCIENION’s proprietary low-volume drop-on-demand dispensing technology


  • Gentle acoustic dispensing ensures high cell viability
  • Controlled dispense of volume from 250 to 600 pL per drop
  • Dispensing capillaries of 50 to 80 µm in diameter


High precision dispensing of nano to microliter volumes


  • Gentle and fast actuated electromagnetic microvalve dispensing
  • Controlled dispense of volumes from 100 nL to 1 µL per drop
  • Dispensing capillaries of 100 to 600 µm in diameter

Versatile isolation capabilities from bacteria to mammalian cells to large cellular aggregates

Real-time and high accuracy single cell and larger particle isolation and dispensing

Cellenion’s technology is based on ultra-gentle precision dispensing coupled with advanced visual processing solutions.

Utilizing ultra-gentle acoustic waves for droplet generation, cellenONE® preserves outstanding cell viability for all cloning applications, and maintains protein expressions for sequencing applications.

Combined with precision dispensing, advanced image analysis algorithms enable 100% accuracy isolation of single cells and single cell assemblies.

Versatile technology for a variety of applications

Meanwhile, high resolution optics allows processing of a wide range of particles, from bacteria to nuclei to microbeads to large mammalian cells, cellenONE® provides a versatile technology for a variety of applications.

cellenONE® provides also new frontiers in sample preparation prior to single cell analysis.

Indeed, working in aspirate/dispense mode allows high recovery processing of a wide range of samples, from minute cell suspensions containing just a couple of microliters and a few dozen cells to much larger samples containing thousands of cells.

Applications of our technology