cellenONE® X1 BSC

Single cell workflows under protection



Tailored for

  • Single cell workflow under protection
  • Single cell omics (any omics, omni- omics)
  • Cell line development (any cell, any plate/substrate)

Benefits of cellenONE® X1 BSC

  • Direct visual inspection of the sample
  • Full image record of isolated cells/clones
  • Best-in-class clonality rate
  • Up to 100% single cells
  • Proven axenic single cell dispensing

Special feature

cellenONE® is delivered fully integrated in a class II biosafety cabinet

cellenONE® X1 BSC is designed to avoid contamination of samples and to protect the environment, product, and personnel while maintaining its native precision. Its design enables easy cleaning under the grids and maintains laminar flows.

For fluorescence-based single cell sorting, cellenONE® X1 BSC can be equipped with 4 fluorescent light sources.

Technical specifications

Comparison table of cellenONE® X1


cellenONE®  X1 BSC  

Sorting Technology 

Brightfield images

Multi-fluorescence images
(Blue, Green, Orange and Red)

DAPI (ex.375nm; em. 432nm);

FITC (ex.490nm; em.515nm);

Cy3 (ex.565nm; em.580nm);

Cy5 (ex. 625nm; em.670nm)

Dispensing technology 

sciDROP PICO:  150-600 pL / single drop 

Number of Dispensing Channels 

Up to 2 

Spottable Area (X x Y) 

252 x 112 mm 

Target Capacity 

2 MTPs or 8 standard glass slides  

Axis System 

X-Y Linear Magnetic Drive, Z Spindle Drive

Axis Precision 

< 3 µm 

Dimensions with Enclosure (L x W x H) 

1300 x 750 x 2330 mm 


535 kg 

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