cellenONE® HT

True walk-away solution for efficient, automated and high throughput monoclonal cell line development

cellenONE HT is already installed and running at major pharmaceutical companies


True walk away solution

Most efficient monoclonal colonies formation

Fast startup and shutdown processes

Simply scale up existing workflows

Up to 100% single cell accuracy

Multiple samples to multiple plates

Key Features

Automated sample management, automated cleaning, plate nest shuttle, API

Best clonal outgrowth, gentle dispensing, up to 100% single cells, image based isolation, assurance of monoclonality

No time consuming calibration required, automated method for priming and cleaning

Any cell, any plate, low dead volume, any additional instrument

Versatile technology for a variety of samples

High-resolution optics allows isolation of any cell type (mammalian cells, bacteria, fungi, archea, plants, etc…) from any sample size.

Working in aspirate/dispense mode allows high recovery of a wide range of samples, from minute cell suspensions containing just a couple of microliters and a few dozen cells to much larger samples containing thousands of cells.

Benefits of cellenONE

  • High accuracy single cell isolation and dispensing

  • Gentle on cells, ensuring outstanding cell viability

  • Compatible with a wide range of particle sizes

  • Ideal for rare cell samples (zero dead volume and high recovery)

  • High-throughput isolation of hundreds of cells in only a few minutes


cellenONE® are low volume, high viability and high accuracy single cell isolation systems for both single cell omics and cell line development applications.

Single Cell Omics

Cell Line Development

Application notes

Unparalleled clonal outgrowth in 96 384 and 1536 MTP

Automated process for mother cell cloning and subsequent daughter cells isolation with the cellenONE® F1.4