proteoCHIP Product Line

Cellenion’s proteoCHIP product line is providing scientists with innovative tools to facilitate miniaturized sample preparation of individual cells for single cell proteomics workflows.

Recent improvements in sample processing and mass spectrometry instrumentation have enabled protein characterization at single cell resolution. Studying the proteome of individual cells enables the dissection of mechanisms concealed through bulk analysis. However, sample preparation workflows still harbor the potential to unleash the full capacities of single cell proteomics.

To overcome single cell proteomics sample preparation bottlenecks, Cellenion has developed dedicated solutions. Discover proteoCHIP:

proteoCHIP 12*16 (Multiplex Workflow)

proteoCHIP LF 48 (Label-Free Workflow)

proteoCHIP EVO 96 (Label-Free Workflow with direct transfer to Evotips)

With their optimal design and accessories, those proteoCHIP solutions further extend the capabilities of cellenONE® single cell dispensing technology by enabling automated and miniaturized sample preparation of individual cells before mass spectrometry analysis, for both multiplex and label-free workflows.

These innovative chips enable all the front-end of the mass spectrometry on the cellenONE®, including incubation steps.