Tailored for robust and high-throughput liquid chromatography

Single Cell Proteomics has never been that easy

proteoCHIP EVO 96 is an innovative solution for label-free Single Cell Proteomics sample preparation. With its optimal design and accessories, it further extends the capabilities of cellenONE® single cell isolation technology. The combination of both technologies enables end-to-end miniaturized Single Cell Proteomics sample preparation for MS-based analysis.

Using the proteoCHIP EVO 96 allows for single cell sample preparation directly on-deck of the cellenONE, including incubation steps. After sample preparation, the samples can be directly transferred into Evotips via centrifugation, allowing transfer to the Evosep One with no manual step.


Benefits of proteoCHIP EVO 96

  • End-to-end workflow in less than 3 hours
  • Direct loading into Evotips via centrifugation
  • Standardization: automated dispensing enables much superior reproducibility, compared to manual pipetting
  • Miniaturization: nanoliter reaction volumes for increased sensitivity
  • Throughput: prepare up to 192 single cells per run on cellenONE (96 cells per chip, up to two chips per run)
  • Clustering and differentiation of cell types

proteoCHIP EVO 96 Workflow

End-to-end workflow, from single cell suspension to peptide separation, in less than 3 hours

Ready to unleash the potential of single cell proteomics?

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proteoCHIP EVO 96 runs on

  • Image-based single cell selection and isolation (morphology & fluorescence)
  • Precision reagent dispensing (pL – nL) for sample preparation
  • Environmental controls for on-deck incubation