Benefits of our technology

100% Single Cell

Precision dispensing, advanced image analysis algorithms and real-time visualization enable outstanding accuracy isolation of single cells and single cell assemblies.

Combined morphology and multi-fluorescent profiling

Cells can be isolated based on morphological features, fluorescent markers, or a combination of the two with up to four fluorescent channels


Thanks to ultra gentle acoustic dispensing

No wastage

Unlike other single cell platforms, cellenONE® uses a recovery tube where cells that weren’t isolated can easily be reaspirated and reprocessed. This feature is ideal when working with samples containing very few cells to ensure that most cells contained in a sample are successfully isolated as single cells.

Open platform

Dispense cells onto any surface such as microchips, slides, well-plates or customized formats that can be specifically set up by our team of experts to suit your needs and applications.

Sample enrichment

Cells of interest can be isolated either as bulk or as single cells. The cellenONE® can process any sample size from scarce samples (microbiopsies or CSF) containing just a few dozen cells to rare cell samples containing few cells of interest (CTCs) within thousands of background cells.