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    Laeticia Kango

    “As an HR and Admin manager, joining Cellenion, a fast-growing company with highly skilled and talented people, is one of the best move I’ve ever done during my professional career! Not only because the work environment is full of empathy but also because I wanted to work for a company that has an impact on people’s lives. At Cellenion, you will be empowered to work on things that you’re passionate about. You’ll be given autonomy. Your ideas will matter.”

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    François Monjaret, PhD

    François is Cellenion’s Chief Scientific Officer (CSO). As our CSO, François has a pivotal role in defining the company’s innovation strategy. He leads, grows and empowers the application development team. Through a thorough understanding of market needs, he translates these needs into products for all single cell analysis topics. He also manages projects, project leaders and the funding of these projects.

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    Steffen Cosson, PhD

    Steffen is a senior scientist at Cellenion. As part of the product development team, he leads the development of the spheroONE, an innovative automated system enabling spheroid and organoid isolation, sorting and dispensing. 

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    Sandra Ruiz, PhD

    “As part of the customer service and support team I ensure that our customers succeed in their projects using our technology. Together with the R&D team I help to build outstanding machines to fulfil scientific needs. Working as a field application scientist at Cellenion I am always challenged to think out of the box and create new applications for the future of medicine!”

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    Amith Vasista

    Amith is a Machine Vision Robotics Engineer and LabVIEW Architect. In a nutshell he makes sure that single cells are printed in an automated manner by our systems. LabVIEW is the short form for Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Engineering Workbench and is an exciting programming language for automation, that is used by the world’s largest and most respected centres for scientific research.

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    Florine Péré-Cunningham

    Florine is our admin assistant and office manager. She oversees and supports all administrative duties and ensures that the office is operating smoothly. Florine ensures our office, employees and visitors are well taken care of. From greeting visitors in the reception, answering and directing phone calls, developing office policies and procedures to orders and invoicing.

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    Cecile Thion, PhD

    “Trained as a Microbial Ecologist, I joined Cellenion in 2019 and still think it was the best decision I ever took for my career. I am now Cellenion’s Microbiology Manager and the project leader for the design and development of one of our consumables. As an R&D scientist at Cellenion, every day is different, challenging: no place left for routine! I am very proud to be part of this open-minded, international and intercultural team, and seeing it growing (up!) daily is a most pleasant thing.“

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    Johannes Bagnoli, Dr. rer. nat.

    Johannes is a molecular biology scientist in the growing application development department of Cellenion. With his background in single cell transcriptomics and leukemia research, his major focus is to invent and refine cutting edge single cell Omics applications tailored to our nano volume liquid and cell dispensing technology. Single Cell Omics methods such as scRNA-seq or scWGS are one of the major technologies in modern biological and medical research.

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    Ying Lu, PhD.

    Ying works in the product development team at Cellenion as a scientist for image processing and computer vision. She develops AI algorithms for image-based cell sorting. She received a Ph.D. in computer science for her research on Transfer Learning for Image Classification. Her expertise lies in developing machine learning algorithms with few training data for computer vision problems. She is dedicated to adding intelligence to our products so that they can sort cells rapidly and accurately with the least possible human supervision.

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    Gianluigi Atzeni

    Gianluigi works as the Laboratory Manager at Cellenion. He completed a MSc in Laboratory, with a thesis in Neuropsychobiology from the University of Cagliari. His expertise includes cloning, microscopy, and cell biology. Previously, he works in the Binaghi Hospital, focusing on diagnostic of neuromuscular diseases, and as a Research Assistant and Biotechnology Manager at the CTI-Lyon and CTI-Biotech.

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    Fabiana Izaguirre

    Fabiana obtained her Master’s degree in Oncology From Université Lyon 1. She spent some time abroad at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) studying Granulosa Cell Tumor and at the University of Melbourne to study peri-and post-operative detection and quantification of CTCs in the peripheral blood of colorectal and lung cancer surgery patients. She also earned a Master’s degree, marketing Strategy & Business Development, also from Université Lyon 1, and now she works as a Field Application Specialist in Cellenion.

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    Flore Beurton, PhD

    As part of the Field Application Specialist team, Flore will be more that happy to help you with your demos, trainings, supports and to troubleshoot with you on your experiments. Flore also works in close collaboration with our Product Development department as well as our Molecular Biology department to always improve our products and make them the best.

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    Solenn Pasquier

    After completing her engineering degree in industrial biology, Solenn joined the Cellenion team as a research engineer in R&D. With her multidisciplinary profile, she works on many cross-disciplinary projects combining cell biology, molecular biology and the use of devices developed by Cellenion such as the cellenONE and the spheroONE.

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    Sébastien Clerc

    Sébastien is Product Manager for cellenONE and spheroONE, Cellenion’s flagship products. His role is to make sure that customers’ needs are clearly identified, understood and addressed through prioritizing our products’ upcoming features. He is also involved in market research, competitive analysis, product lifecycle management, communication and marketing actions related to the products he’s in charge of.

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    Alexia Brelière-Sulistyono

    Alexia has a Master’s Degree in Arts Management and works as the Marketing Associate at Cellenion. She is in charge of the website maintenance, creation of printed and digital publications, and social media management.

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    Jordan Madic, PhD.

    Jordan is a molecular biology scientist working in the application development team. In charge of the development of innovative downstream analysis solutions to genetically characterize single cells, he relies on his background in various fields such as microbiology, oncology, next generation sequencing and digital PCR to meet the customer’s needs.

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    Robin Laffont

    Robin is part of the Application Development team. He displays a multidisciplinary profile. He has a background in Cancer Research up to a PhD, with expertise in cell culture, histology, microscopy, animal care and clinics. He studied vascular biology, immunotherapies, breast cancer. He possesses also programming knowledge as an App Designer & Developer. Here in Cellenion, he works on providing user-friendly and online solutions to the customers for bioinformatic analyses, by developing specific web applications.

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    Claire Ploton-Nicollet

    Claire is a lab technician in the application development team. After a strong experience in medical diagnostic, mainly in genetics and Next-generation sequencing, she joined the team to support work in the lab in molecular biology. She also takes part in cell culture and microbiology, according to ongoing projects.

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    Léna Carret

    “I am a microbiology technician. I completed my internship at Cellenion and had the opportunity to join the team at the end of my studies to work in this great and inspiring environment. I work on developing new applications for the cellenONE, particularly in microbiology.”

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