Single Cell Omics

Scalable nanoliter volume library preparation of single cells

Single-Cell Omics

Scalable nanoliter volume library preparation of single cells

Most current methods are based on either microfluidics platforms, which do not offer multiple interventions for complex sequencing libraries preparations, or on large volume microplate-based sample preparations that tend to be expensive due to reagent costs.

cellenONE® technology breaks away from these limitations by combining the small volumes found only in microfluidics with the flexibility of a liquid handler to enable scalable nanoliter volume library preparation of single cells.


Miniaturized 3' scRNA-seq

A 3’ scRNA-seq protocol was developed in the cellenCHIP using a range of commercially available reagents. The following steps describe the workflow using cellenCHIP and cellenONE®

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Scaling Whole Genome Sequencing to > 50,000 Single cells using cellenONE®


  • Compatible with a range of commercially available enzymes and reagents.
  • Method suited for various samples size from few (<100) to 1000’s cells.
  • Simplified protocol with combined lysis and RT in 100 nL in cellenCHIP.
  • Low number of PCR cycles (<18) to minimize data bias, and limit UMI replicates.
  • High reproducibility observed within biological replicates.
  • High quality with minimal to null background.
  • High performance with up to 7000 genes detected per single cell (median 5000 genes detected) with a low quantity of reads needed (median 100,000 mapped reads per single cell).

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cellenONE® is a revolutionary technology with advanced visual processing solutions that provides real-time and high accuracy single cell isolation and dispensing.


The 384 well format cellenCHIP is the optimal tool for miniaturized single cell omics applications in nanoliter volumes using reduced working volumes of 20 – 400 nL.