cellenONE® as automated single cell seeding platform for hiPSC subcloning

Unparalleled clonal outgrowth in 96 384 and 1536 MTP

Pairing automated cloning and monoclonality verification for rapid and efficient cell line development

Accurate and precise spike-in method for Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) validation studies with cellenONE®

Automated process for mother cell cloning and subsequent daughter cells isolation with the cellenONE® F1.4

Cell Line Development with Miltenyi TYTO sorting and cellenONE®

Combining cellenONE® and timsTOF SCP for easy and sensitive, end-to-end label-free single cell proteomics workflows

Single Beads Dispensing Made Easy

Characterization of HepaRG® cells grown in 2D or 3D culture at single cell level using the cellenCHIP 384-3’RNA-Seq Kit

Scaling Whole Genome Sequencing to > 50,000 Single cells using cellenONE®

proteoCHIP & cellenONE taking multiplexed single cell proteomics sample preparation to the next level

Performance of the cellenCHIP 384-3’RNA-Seq Kit

SCoPE2-MS using cellenONE®

cellenONE® Sterile Condition Operation

Arraying of single cells for quantitative high throughput Laser Ablation ICP-TOF-MS