cellenONE® as automated single cell seeding platform for hiPSC subcloning

Unparalleled clonal outgrowth in 96 384 and 1536 MTP

Accurate and precise spike-in method for Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) validation studies with cellenONE®

Automated process for mother cell cloning and subsequent daughter cells isolation with the cellenONE® F1.4

Cell Line Development with Miltenyi TYTO sorting and cellenONE®

Combining cellenONE® and timsTOF SCP for easy and sensitive, end-to-end label-free single cell proteomics workflows

Single Beads Dispensing Made Easy

Characterization of HepaRG® cells grown in 2D or 3D culture at single cell level using the cellenCHIP 384-3’RNA-Seq Kit

Scaling Whole Genome Sequencing to > 50,000 Single cells using cellenONE®

proteoCHIP & cellenONE taking multiplexed single cell proteomics sample preparation to the next level

Performance of the cellenCHIP 384-3’RNA-Seq Kit

SCoPE2-MS using cellenONE®

cellenONE® Sterile Condition Operation

Arraying of single cells for quantitative high throughput Laser Ablation ICP-TOF-MS