Online, user friendly, fully automated single cell RNA-Seq analysis pipeline for cellenCHIP 384-3'RNA-Seq Kit

Generate valuable and easy-to-interpret information from your sample

Efficient & streamlined workflow for transcriptomic profiling of biological systems

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You keep 100% ownership over your data uploaded in cellenPIPE

A strict Data Protection Agreement guarantees the confidentiality of your data

Your data & results are automatically removed from our servers after 4 weeks

Your data are protected and safe, stored and proceeded in France under GDPR-compliant rules

cellenPIPE included in cellenCHIP 384 3’RNA Seq Kit

cellenCHIP 384 3'RNA-Seq Kit

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Single CTC 3’RNA sequencing using
VTX1, cellenONE and cellenCHIP 384

Application Note

Characterization of HepaRG® cells grown in 2D or 3D culture at single cell level using the cellenCHIP 384-3’RNA-Seq Kit


cellenPIPE for
cellenCHIP 384 3’RNA Seq Kit