cellenCHIP 384-3'RNA Seq Kit

Miniaturized library preparation starting from single cells

cellenCHIP 384-3’RNA-Seq Kit enables highly sensitive transcriptomic analyses (3’scRNA-Seq) from individual cells in nanoliter volume using the cellenONE® single cell isolation and dispensing

The combination of cellenONE® and the cellenCHIP 384-3’RNA-Seq Kit enables:

  • Analysis of 96 up to 1536 single cells per run
  • Handling of diverse sample types: including cell lines, primary cells, rare cells CTC, astrocytes and glial cells, cell subtypes, dissociated fresh or frozen tissue and nuclei
  • Use of a wide range of cell sizes (0,5 µm-100 µm)  and shapes

The kit is designed to create high quality single cell 3´transcriptome libraries by efficiently capturing poly-adenylated mRNA from single cells: contains 4 cellenCHIP 384s RTready and all reagents to produce ready to sequence libraries for 96 to up to 1536 single cells per run

  • cellenCHIPs 384 RTready are preloaded with unique oligo-dT-Primer comprising a cell and molecular barcode, and a combined Lysis Buffer and RTready mix.
  • provided with 4 different sets of lllumina compatible library indices allowing multiplexing of up to 16 libraries (6144 cells)
  • cellenCHIP libraries (index tagmentation) are efficiently indexed in the first steps of the library preparation and hence show less carryover
  • Index hopping rates as low as 0.01% eliminate the need for unique dual-indexing.

cellenCHIP 384-3’RNA-Seq Kit facilitates pilot studies and generate preliminary data with reduced upfront costs and lower costs per sample 

Efficient & streamlined workflow for transcriptomic profiling of biological systems

Benefits of the cellenCHIP

Best in class – Global performance surpassing current gold standard

  • >7000 genes detected with only 150,000 reads per single cell

Convenient & simplified handling

  • Everything provided to go from cells to ready to sequence libraries, incl. Illumina compatible indices

Adaptable to any samples

  • Suited for samples from <10 to 1000’s cells of different size in a perfect controlled manner

Powerful protocol and chemistry

  •  Optimal workflow – 100 cells sufficient to analyze the heterogeneity of cells
  • Get morphological and fluorescence info linked to transcriptomic profile of each cell


cellenCHIP 384-3’RNA-Seq Kit allows library preparation from picogram input amounts of RNA for use in stem cell, immuno-oncology cancer research, neurology and cardiology.

  • Study CTCs or other liquid biopsy material
  • Analyze cancer stem cell heterogeneity
  • Identify tumor cell clone’s resistance to therapy
  • Investigate complex signaling pathways
  • Profile tumor cells and tumor-infiltrating immune cells
  • Study the rare CEC’s or the large cardiomyocytes isolated with the cellenONE
  • Support brain research by investigation expression profiles of astrocytes, microglial cell and oligodendrocytes.

cellenCHIP 384 Product Line

cellenCHIP 384

cellenCHIP 384 Accessory Kit


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Application Note

Characterization of HepaRG® cells grown in 2D or 3D culture at single cell level using the cellenCHIP 384-3’RNA-Seq Kit


cellenONE®: an innovative tool for high quality and sensitivity 3’ scRNA-seq libraries in nanoliter volume