Making single cell proteomic sample preparation easy

The proteoCHIP is a dedicated consumable of the cellenONE® that enables full sample preparation for single cell proteomics analysis.

Based on cellenONE’s single cell isolation and nanolitre precision dispensing, the proteoCHIP allows full automation of sample preparation workflow with outstanding accuracy and reproducibility.

The proteoCHIP consists of 12 arrays able to accomodate up to 16 single cells each. This unique consumable allows miniaturization of single cell proteomics sample preparation workflows with up to 3 proteoCHIP (576 single cells) processed in a single run. proteoCHIP can be used for both multiplexed sample preparation (like SCoPE-MS) and label-free analyses.

Benefits of proteoCHIP

  • Direct interfacing of proteoCHIP Funnel with LC autosamplers (no pipetting into vials)
  • Miniaturized sample preparation down to 400 nL per well
  • Automated workflows with no manual sample handling steps required
  • Increased throughput with up to 3*12 sets, each with 16 cells processed simultaneously (576 cells)
  • Optimized protocol allows for reproducible and accurate multiplexed analysis

Coming soon


The proteoCHIP is launching later in 2021.

If you would like to keep informed on the launch as well as future proteomics-related products, please complete the expression of interest form below and we will be in touch.