Innovative nanowell chip

The cellenCHIP 384 is the optimal tool for miniaturized single cell omics applications, enabling highly efficient and cost-saving nanoliter-based sample preparation.

The cellenCHIP is produced from low-DNA binding polypropylene and enables maximum sample recovery of nucleic acids without surface coating to minimize the risk of sample interference.

Consisting of 384-wells on a microscope slide footprint and with working volumes of 20 to 400 nanoliters per well, the cellenCHIP allows drastic savings in reagents consumption combined with an increase in sensitivity. Such small working volume represents a more than 95 percent reduction when compared to commercially available 384-well plate protocols.

The structure of the cellenCHIP has been extensively optimized to avoid well-to-well contamination and splashing effect, and to maximize liquid recovery.

Multiple isothermal applications have been successfully demonstrated within the wells of the cellenCHIP. Supplied as a set together with the cellenFUNNEL, these allow for high recovery and pooling of solutions contained in every well of the cellenCHIP by a simple centrifugation step.

Combined with a dedicated processsing set, the cellenONE® can accomodate up to 8 cellenCHIPs on its deck, representing a total of 3072 individual wells.

Customized options

We offer blank cellenCHIP to enable the development of applications tailored to your needs. Moreover, customized chips pre-loaded with cell barcodes or other reagents can be provided as a custom service.

Benefits of the cellenCHIP

  • Cost-saving: significant volume reduction with working volumes from 20-400 nanoliter/well
  • Highly efficient: convert microliter library preparations to nanoliter reactions without loss of sensitivity
  • Maximal recovery: preserve cellular nucleic acids without surface coating to minimize risk of sample interference
  • Flexible: multiple isothermal applications possible
  • Tailored: well barcoding available as a custom service

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cellenONE®: an innovative tool for high quality and sensitivity 3’ scRNA-seq libraries in nanoliter volume