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Welcome to the Cellenion Proteomics Hub for HUPO Connect 2020.

Here we have collated information and resources to provide insight into how the cellenONE® technology can assist with your proteomics research.

If you would like to learn more about our technology and discuss your applications, contact us for a free consultation and demo.

  • cellenONE Technology

    cellenONE® is a revolutionary platform for accurate single cell isolation and precise nanoliter dispensing of a range of liquid (aqueous and organic-based). cellenONE provides a platform to perform SCoPE2 protocol sample preparation workflow within a single instrument to analyze proteome at the single cell level.

    cellenONE uses software-integrated visual feedback to ensure only single cells are deposited in every position. Moreover recorded images of all isolated cells allows to further link cell morphology to the omics data produced. 

    Additionally, cellenONE isolates cells utilizing an acoustic technology which has been shown to be gentler than the high stress of FACS and results in excellent cell viability.

  • cellenONE Instruments

    cellenONE X1

    cellenONE® X1 supports single cell isolation by visualization and dispensing a range of cells and particles from 2 to 70 um diameter based on image-based (IBSCITM) software.
    It offers a fully automated and integrated system with high speed and precision robotics.

    cellenONE F1

    cellenONE® F1 is based on both image based (IBSCITM) and  fluorescent technologies (FIBSCITM), and allows detection and imaging of fluorescent markers excited by up to 4 different light sources.

  • About Cellenion

    Cellenion was founded in 2016 in Lyon, France as a fully owned company of  SCIENION, the global leader in precise, low volume dispensing and detection applications in life sciences and diagnostics.

    The cellenONE utilizes SCIENION’s technologies and specializes in development of controlled cell isolation and printing applications.

    Cellenion’s team has extensive know-how in application support for cell and biomaterial dispensing and offers services to enable your ideas from R&D through to scale-up.

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