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Gentle to cells using acoustic technology


All cellenONE systems benefit from SCIENION’s proprietary non-contact liquid dispensing technology, namely sciDROP PICO.

sciDROP PICO is a state of the art technology based on acoustic pulses that generate individual liquid droplets in air from 50 to 800pL.

This technology has been successfully employed to miniaturize sequencing library generation and thus drastically reduce library costs.




Characteristics of the dispensing technology 

Dispensing Technology


Piezo acoustic


Dispense Volume50 - 800 pL
Dispense ChannelsUp to 2
DrivesLinear for X/Y & Spindle for Z
Resolution1 µm
Accuracy < 10 µm
Precision< 3 µm
Max Speed100 cm/s
Cooling/Heating UnitTemperature range: -20°C to 120°C


Proprietary Piezo Dispensing Capillaries (PDCs)

cellenONE PDC SDrop volume between 150-300 pl
cellenONE PDC MDrop volume between 300-450 pl
cellenONE PDC LDrop volume between 450-600 pl