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IBSCITM (Image Based Single Cell Isolation) is a high resolution-based technology consisting in automated image acquisition, processing and advanced algorithms to automatically isolate single cells from a cell suspension.





    Visualise & evaluate your sample

    (cells, debris, aggregates)

    Image & record all isolated cells

    No sample treatment

    Label free technology

    No more blind isolations…

You can now see what’s in your sample ! …and even better… what you’re isolating !

cellenONE software using IBSCI showing one cell above the ejection and sedimentation regions.

Each drop generated with cellenONE® can contain:

(A) No cell

(B) One cell

(C) Multiple cells

Samples are analyzed live and pictures recorded for post processing analysis


cellenTILES - overview of single cells isolated into a 96 well plate


  • cellenTILEs

    cellenTILES is an independent interface to:

    • Quickly overview isolated cell images
    • Easily annotate all isolated cells


cellenTILES – review of isolated cells, single isolated CHO (left), two CHO cells aggregated (right).


cellenREPORT – distribution of cell diameters, isolated cells (green), fitting criteria but rejected due to multiple cell in ejection zone (orange), outside isolation parameters (red).


  • cellenREPORT

    cellenREPORT provides traceability by generating a document which includes:

    • All experimental parameters
    • Graphical  representation of metadata
    • Images of all isolated cells