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FIBSCITM (Fluorescent Image Based Single Cell Isolation) is our latest technological development where multichannel fluorescence-based images are used to identify and isolate specific single cells from certain subpopulations in mixed cell samples. 

  • BENEFITS for single cell analysis

    Only isolate cells of interest
    Remove dead cells from sequencing libraries
    Multicolour sorting possible
    Isolate very rare cells from complex samples

cellenONE software using FIBSCI showing a single green fluorescent cell in the ejection region (right) and the same cell imaged with IBSCI (left).

FIBSCI can use up to four fluorescent channels

Channel colours

Excitation wavelength (nm)Emission wavelength (nm)
Blue380410 - 450
Green475500 - 530
Orange555575 - 615
Red635660 - 800