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How cellenONE technology works?



(1)   Cell suspension is aspirated into a glass capillary


(2)   Generation of drops on demand, in air


(3)   Thanks to automated imaging, cellenONE tracks cells and determines if upcoming drops will contain or not a single cell


(4)   Drops containing single cells are dispensed into selected targets, drops without cells or with more than one cells are dispensed into a recycling tube


Single CHO as seen by cellenONE. When a single cell is identified, it will be dispensed in the target well.
Doublet of CHO cells as seen by cellenONE. If doublets are identified, they will be dispensed in the recovery tube.

Image Based Cell Selection and Acoustic Dispensing

The perfect combo for precise and high viable single cell isolation

High resolution optics image cells as they travel through the dispenser until ejection.

Piezo acoustic technology provides gentle dispensing and thus ensures high cell viability.


Image based single cell isolation technology ensures precision and accuracy.


cellenONE systems are available in two different detection modes: IBSCI with transmission and FIBSCI with fluorescence