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cellenONE X1

cellenONE® X1 is our first single cell isolation and dispensing platform. It offers a fully automated and integrated system with high speed and precision robotics.

Based on IBSCITM, it allows visualization and isolation of a range of cells and particles (from 2 to 70µm diameter).


  • Technical Specifications

    2 microplate holders compatible with 96, 384, 1536wp, and microwell substrates

    Up to 2 nanoliter dispensing channels (only one is used for single cell isolation)

    Temperature control from -20°C to 120°C

    Humidity and dew point control

Unique Features


Single Cell Sequencing
Open platform Choose your substrate (96, 384, 1536wp or microwells)
Versatile Suitable for a range of sequencing methods
Adaptable Isolate cells, nuclei (from FF or FFPE tissues), microbeads
Optional Use a second dispensing channel for nanoliter dispensing of reagents (barcodes, lysis buffers…)

Cell Line Development
Gentle Acoustic technology ensures outstanding cell viability
Efficient Only single cell are dispensed, cell line development time can be slashed by several weeks
Sterile For fully sterile processing now comes integrated into BSC environment
cellenONE can also be integrated into a biosafety cabinet (BSC) to ensure an appropriate biosafety level.

Suitable Applications


Tested cells and particles


Successfully isolated cells and particles so far
Cell lines CHO, hybridoma, HEK293T, HeLa, A549, PC3, H1975, HepaRG, Jurkat, 3T3, SKBR3, PC9, THP-1
Primary cells PBMC (including B- and T- cell fractions), fibroblasts, keratinocytes, melanocytes, cardiomyocytes, HUVEC, neural stem cells
Nuclei from cell line, fresh tissues, fresh frozen (FF) and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue slices
Microorganisms Bacteria*, Spores, Microalgae & Diatoms, Pollen, Yeast
Microbeads PMMA, PS, hydrogel microbeads from 2 to 50µm diameters, TOYOPEARL®, 10x Genomics Gel Beads
*For bacteria the use of cellenONE F1 is recommended





Single CHO travelling inside the dispensing capillary

Outstanding accuracy

No doublets

Unseen Recovery

Suitable for most cell types


Single cells from dissociated lung cancer spheroids successfully isolated onto a microscope slide. Every position contains one single cell.

Unlike other technologies (microdroplet, microfluidic traps), doublets can be completely excluded and only single cells are dispensed.


Results from 5x100 positions filled with single cells from four different cells samples. Single cells rate is indicated in pink, up to 99% for A549 cells; in white are empty positions and in grey, multiple cells positions.

High Clonal Recovery

Automate cloning

Reduce consumable consumption



Outstanding clonal recoveries were observed with 96% , 94% and 94% of wells containing single colonies in 96, 384 and 1536 MTP, respectively.

Additionally, the remaining wells were empty and did not contain multiple colonies.



Compare our products

 cellenONE® X1cellenONE® F1.1cellenONE® F1.4
Product NumberF00CF00CF1F00CF4
Single Cell Isolation Technology


Image-Based Single Cell Isolation


Both Non-Fluorescent and Fluorescent Image-Based Single Cell Isolation

cellenONE Control Module

Monitor cells and particles: its position and geometrical properties inside the PDC

Isolation of most cells with diameters ranging from 5 to 60 µm

cellenTILEsOrganise and review images of isolated cell for QC purpose
cellenREPORTGenerate a comprehensive report containing all isolation data
High Resolution Optical based Single Cell Isolation Method6.4M pixels CMOS camera (3088*2076 pixels)3.2M pixels CMOS camera
(2056*1542 pixels)
Fluorescence DetectionNoneOne ColorFour Colors
Visualisation of fluorescently labelled particlesGreen





BenefitsHeterogeneous samples and unlabelled particlesExclusion of dead cells
Selection of best expressers
Sorting sub-populations
Rare cells isolation