Internship – Deep learning for precise and extremely fast sorting of cells

Participate in the development of personalised medicine – Internship 6+ months

Deep learning for precise and extremely fast sorting of cells

Position is based in Cellenion – Lyon, France. Starting immediately.

Do you want to join a company that develops sophisticated, cutting-edge products for the life science industry? Do you love to work in an interdisciplinary and international team of highly skilled and energetic people?

We are looking to grow the team of people that wake up to innovate and deliver solutions to the world.

Cellenion is a dynamic team dedicated to precision and speed in single-cell analyses in Lyon, France. With our scientific partners and colleagues, we get up to contribute to the future of medicine. Since 2020, Cellenion is part of the innovative BICO organization – a leading bioconvergence group, pushing the industry forward fast and helping create the future of medicine.

Your task will be to build a light-weighted deep neural network (e.g., SqueezeNet, MobileNet, etc.) that classifies different types of cells. You will be under the direct supervision of a senior expert in deep learning methods for image classification.



  1. collect and prepare a large, labeled dataset for training, validation and testing.
  2. choose the neural network structure, apply it in a modern deep learning framework (e.g. pyTorch/tensorflow/caffe).
  3. Train the neural network on the collected data, tune the hyper-parameters, test the performance (accuracy + speed) on the collected data.
  4. Deploy the trained neural network into the current software (in C++) for online test.


Education & Experience:

  • Engineer, Master or equivalent with major in image processing/computer science


  • Programming with Python and C++
  • Experience with deep learning frameworks: pyTorch/tensorflow/caffe
  • Experience with image processing libraries: OpenCV/PIL
  • Self-driven
  • Able to communicate in English

Make an impact and join us building the instruments of the future!

Send your CV, including earliest starting date and internship duration to [email protected] with as object the reference “deep_learning_internship”.

Looking forward to welcoming you at Cellenion!