6-month Research Engineer internship in Microbiology / Biotechnology R&D

About Cellenion

We were founded in 2016 in Lyon, France, as a spin-off company of SCIENION GmbH based in Berlin, Germany. Cellenion uses SCIENION’s high precision non-contact dispensing technology and provides cutting-edge solutions for single cell analysis and cloning. Our passionate team of scientists shares your fascination for single cell applications and helps you to shift your science forward. Since August 2020, we are a part of the BICO group and we are on the road of success constantly looking for new team members.


The cellenONE is a single-cell isolation robot, which high-performance technology relies on the combination of imaged based single-cell isolation and nanoliter reagent dispensing using acoustics droplet-in-air generation. It is best-in-class in terms of accuracy (i.e., monoclonality) and versatility: it can virtually isolate all types of cells (incl. very small microbial cells), dispense them in all types of target consumables, and be used as a nano volume liquid dispenser for miniaturization of all kinds of workflows, incl. -omics library prep. While the importance of microbiota role in all ecosystems, incl. human bodies, is now well-known and the interest for single-cell approaches is rising in the microbiota research, there is a need for sample preparation strategies compatible with cellenONE technology.

During your 6-month internship, you will design, perform, and interpret experiments with the objective of developing sample preparation workflows for microbiota samples (human oral cavity, skin, feces, soil, sediments…) for single-cell genomics and culturomics experiments. This project will involve microbiology methods (microbial sample preparation, microbial culture…), optimization of microbial single-cell isolation using the cellenONE, and state-of-the-art molecular biology technics (single-cell whole genome sequencing). While you will be integrated into the Microbiology team of Cellenion, you will beneficiate from the knowledge and support of Cellenion Application Development team members.

Profile and Skills


  • Graduate students (5th year of biotech engineering school, or 2nd year of MSc, typically)
  • Fundamental knowledge of microbiology and practical knowledge of its methods
  • Eagerness for innovation, technical challenges and method development
  • Autonomy and (scientific) rigor
  • Persistence and resilience
  • Proficient English
  • Good analytical skills


  • Understanding of -omics approaches and requirements, incl. genomics
  • Experience and/or fundamental knowledge of the human microbiota ecology
  • Sense of humor

Please send your application to [email protected]