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A success story: DLP+


By combining cellenONE’s single cell isolation and nanoliter dispensing features, the groups of Sam Aparicio (UBC, Vancouver) and Sohrab Shah (MSKCC, New York) have developed a scalable single cell whole genome sequencing method called Direct Library Preparation Plus (DLP+).

Details of this method was recently published as an open-access article in the journal Cell.

Results generated have been compiled into a web-based interactive visualisation platform (

This affordable, low bias method allows in depth analyses of a variety of samples.

It allows determination of copy number variation (CNV), single nucleotide polymorphysim (SNP), cluster analyses and phylogenic reconstructions.

This method is now implemented as a routine at the British Columbia Cancer Research center and being adopted by leading research centers worldwide.


Method developed by


High quality single cell whole genome libraries

CNV, SNP, Cluster analyses and Lineage reconstruction

Any cells and nuclei from 5 to 80μm

Low reagent costs (0,27 US$/cell) (ref: BioRxiv)



This method is now implemented at these world leading research centres