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Thanks to ongoing advances in modern mass spectrometry, different analyte classes can be studied on a single cell level. Several ion-sources, such as MALDI, ESI, ICP and SIMS, have already proven their potential for single cell studies in the fields of metabolomics, proteomics, ionomics, metallomics and lipidomics.

The access to these analytes on a single cell level holds a tremendous potential to unravel biological secrets, as well as for in vitro toxicity tests, clinical diagnosis in personalized medicine, and for in vitro testing of compounds.

Yet, a more widespread use of scMS is often hampered by labor-intense sample preparation or post-processing of data due to a lack of single-cell precision in sample preparation.

Scheme describing the method for quantitative analysis and isotopic fingerprinting by laser ablation ICP TOF mass spectrometry with cellenONE®

In our recent application note we show how cellenONE technology has enabled quantitative high throughput isotopic fingerprinting of single cells using LA-ICP-TOF-MS.

We believe that cellenONE technology has many more interesting applications in scMS – get in touch with us!