Open platform

cellenONE is highly versatile as it is suitable for most library preparation protocols in a variety of consumables formats (96, 384, 1536 wp and microwell substrates).

Unlike other single cell technologies, cellenONE has demonstrated outstanding cell recovery (up to 95%), which also position it as an ideal tool for rare cells isolation.



Rare cells isolation for single cell RNA sequencing


In collaboration with the Department of Neurology at Weill Institute in San Francisco, a study performed aiming to isolate single immune cells in multiple sclerosis patient´s cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples for subsequent single cell RNA sequencing.

The main challenge associated with such sample is the very low number of cells present in these samples which can vary from only 20 to 500 cells per 20mL of patient’s CSF.


From minute samples
(from just 2µL)

For low concentration samples

Recovery up to 95%

No dead volume



On average, recovery reached 95%, meaning most of the cells present in each sample were successfully isolated as single cells (number of single cells successfully isolated with cellenONE X1 over average cell number for each sample).

Average of cells counted with microscope vs isolated with cellenONE