Open Workflow for Library Preparation


cellenONE X1 is an open platform providing both single cell isolation and nanoliter dispensing.

Such versatility allows users to automate many of the crucial steps involved in the ever growing number of single cell library preparation methods available today.

Moreover, ability to work in nanovolumes and microwells allows a drastic reduction in reagents consumption and associated costs.

Reagent addition in low volumes: (Lysis buffer + RT mix) addition (40nL/well).
Credits: Derek Bogdanoff. UCSF. 2017


All-in-one device

Low volume dispensing (nL) for decreased reaction volumes

Low reagent costs

High percentage of single cell isolation in given target

No set workflows for high amount of flexibility in experiments



  • Prior to library preparation

    • Preloading the wells with lysis buffer, barcodes and/or barcoded beads
    • Single cell isolation in any given target (96, 384, 1536 wp and microwell substrates)
    • Nanoliter dispensing: reagent addition (RT mix, tagmentation, neutralization)

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