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Bioprinting can be defined as the process of generating spatially-controlled cell patterns using 3D printing technologies, where cell function and viability are preserved within the printed construct.

In the short term, Bioprinting hold great promises for the preparation of 3D cellular models and organoids used in medical and pharmaceutical research. These miniaturized and simplified version of an organ represent better physiologic models than monolayer cell culture that have been the standard for decades. As a result, these models will help accelerate drug development and will eventually replace some of the animal models that are still required today.

Longer term, Bioprinting will revolutionise our approach to medicine by allowing the preparation of organ patches and eventually whole organs directly from the patient own cells.

Thanks to its unique and gentle piezo acoustic dispensing technology, Cellenion has long been invested in the development of bioprinted models and tissue engineering solutions. Cellenion currently have three R&D projects in this field to develop liver tissues, blood capillary networks and skin models. For more information, regarding what our technology and expertise can bring to your bioprinting projects, please contact us at [email protected].

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