Actions taken regarding COVID-19

The safety of our employees, customers, families and visitors remains CELLENION’s first priority.

As the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak continues to evolve and spreads globally, CELLENION is monitoring the situation closely and will periodically update company guidance based on current recommendations from the Robert-Koch-Institute, the European Center for Prevention and Control and the World Health Organization.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the potential risk of exposure to our employees and visitors, we are conducting a simple screening questionnaire. Your participation is important to help us take precautionary measures to protect you and everyone in our building or event. This will also allow us to contact you directly if needed.

lf you plan to be onsite for consecutive days, please immediately advise your Cellenion’s host. The information collected regarding Covid19 will solely be used to determine your access rights to Cellenion’s facilities.

In case of any problem, please reach out to us by phone (+33 9 86 48 70 70) or email ([email protected])

Thank you for your understanding.

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