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Welcome to the Cellenion Hub for the AACR Virtual Annual Meeting II.

Here we have collated information and resources to provide insight into how the cellenONE® technology can assist with your cancer research and diagnostics.

If you would like to learn more about our technology and discuss your applications, contact us for a free consultation and demo. Don't forget to quote "AACR2020" for your exclusive offer on our cellenONE instruments.

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  • cellenONE Technology

    cellenONE, an automated single cell dispensing system based on patented piezo-acoustic technology, allows precise cell deposition on a wide range of microplates (96, 384, 1536) and microwell substrates. 

    Most dispensing and microfluidic technologies follow Poisson distribution, which leads to multiple cells per position and low efficiency. cellenONE uses software-integrated visual feedback to ensure only single cells are deposited in every position.

    cellenONE only dispenses drops containing single cells to your preferred substrate. All remaining drops will be dispensed into a recovery tube, resulting in no sample wastage. Additionally, the cellenONE isolates cells utilizing an acoustic technology which has been shown to be gentler than the high stress of FACS and results in excellent cell viability.

  • Applications

    cellenONE® is a low volume, high viability and accuracy single cells isolation technology for both sequencing and cell line development applications.

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    Single Cell Omics

    Cell Line Development

    Library Preparation with CellenONE

    Not only does cellenONE provide high accuracy single cell isolation, but also a number of additional features to miniaturize your library preparation:

    • Nanoliter dispensing
    • High precision positioning
    • Environmental control
    • Multiple interventions

    Benefits of library preparation miniaturization with cellenONE:

    • 50-100x reagent volume reduction (vs. 96/384wp)
    • Drastic cost savings
    • Implementation of Single Cell Omics methods is possible
    • Lower background and better sensitivities

    These benefits can be amplified when used in conjunction with our newly developed cellenCHIP.

    Reagent addition in low volumes: (Lysis buffer + RT mix) addition (40nL/well). Credits: Derek Bogdanoff. UCSF. 2017
    • A library preparation success story: DLP+

      By combining cellenONE’s single cell isolation and nanoliter dispensing features, the groups of Sam Aparicio (UBC, Vancouver) and Sohrab Shah (MSKCC, New York) have developed a scalable single cell whole genome sequencing method called Direct Library Preparation Plus (DLP+).

      Benefits of DLP+ include:

      • High quality single cell whole genome libraries
      • CNV, SNP, Cluster analyses and Lineage reconstruction
      • Any cells and nuclei from 5 to 80μm
      • Low reagent costs (0,27 US$/cell)

      This method is now implemented as a routine at the British Columbia Cancer Research center and being adopted by leading research centers worldwide.

      Method developed by:


      This method is now implemented at these world leading research centres:

  • cellenONE Instruments

    cellenONE X1

    cellenONE® X1 supports single cell isolation by visualization and dispensing a range of cells and particles from 2 to 70 um diameter based on image-based (IBSCITM) software.
    It offers a fully automated and integrated system with high speed and precision robotics.

    cellenONE F1

    cellenONE® F1 is based on both image based (IBSCITM) and  fluorescent technologies (FIBSCITM), and allows detection and imaging of fluorescent markers excited by up to 4 different light sources.

  • cellenCHIP

    cellenCHIP™ for Low Cost scRNA-seq Libraries

    Cellenion has developed cellenCHIP™, an innovative nanowell chip offering miniaturized wells to enable open reactions in nanoliter volumes. To successfully miniaturize library preparation, it is essential to use substrates that have been designed for sub-microliter volume work.  

    Each cellenCHIP contains 4 x 96 quadrants resulting in 384 wells on a microscope slide footprint, and up to 8 cellenCHIPs (3072 single cells) can be placed on a cellenONE deck.  

    Convert your microliter library preparations to highly efficient nanoliter reactions with dramatic cost savings.

  • Customers & Testimonials

    We were looking for a machine that could dispense single cells or nuclei; that is quite flexible as well and has minimal loss of material while the material is spotted on the microwell plate. 
    Cellenion team has been quite supportive to get many, many different protocols up and running in our lab, working with very difficult samples, that´s been great support over the months and years. 
    We can finally have an automated workflow and offer it as well to other researchers at our institute.

    Dr. Mallm, at German Cancer Research Center (dkfz)

  • About Cellenion

    Cellenion was founded in 2016 in Lyon, France as a fully owned company of  SCIENION, the global leader in precise, low volume dispensing and detection applications in life sciences and diagnostics.

    The cellenONE utilizes SCIENION’s technologies and specializes in development of controlled cell isolation and printing applications.

    Cellenion’s team has extensive know-how in application support for cell and biomaterial dispensing and offers services to enable your ideas from R&D through to scale-up.

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