Cellenion has developed CellenONE, a unique single-cell isolation and dispensing technology. It allows high throughput automated dispensing of individual cells from cell suspensions onto a substrate of your choice.

CellenONE USP:
1. Accuracy:
You’re not tied up to Poisson distribution anymore !
2. Versatility:
Unlike other platforms, the technology can be tuned for a wide range of different cells suspended at different concentrations.
3. Recovery:
This technique involves small dead volumes and high recovery rate, hence it is ideally suited to dispense rare or precious cells!
4. Viability:
No toxicity on dispensed cells, allowing further downstream work to be undertaken (e.g. cloning step in mAb development)
5. Open-platform:
Dispense into/onto any types of wells or consumables (PCR plate, SBS microplates, microwells).

CellenONE vs. Competing technologies

Video Clip Animation of our Technology

This video illustrates the basic concepts.  We aspirate a cell suspension into our proprietary capillary dispenser.  As we begin to dispense droplets of about 300 picoliter, we observe the tip of the capillary.  If we see a single cell in the volume area corresponding to next cell to be ejected, we move the capillary and dispense that cell into any receiving vessel or well. If we see no cells, we discard the droplet.  If we see two or more cells, we recycle the droplet.  In this way, there is no loss.  We essentially have no dead volume and and can aspirate volumes as low as a few microliters.

A live view demonstrating the software screen and deck views side-by-side

On the left pane is a screen view of the software controlling the dispensing.  On the right side, is a synchronized recording of the CellenONE deck.  You can see the nozzle moving from a position in front of the camera, to a position over a single well of the 384-well plate.  A single cell is then deposited in each well.