BioInk development

Cellenion has developed a proprietary high throughput formulation and screening platform for the development and optimisation of bioinks (one of the essential component of any bioprinting process).

Based on years of development, our HT platform allows the generation of hundreds to thousand individual formulations of biomaterials and extracellular matrices and their subsequent screening on a microscope slide format.

Using such an approach, either discrete formulations (individual spots) or gradients (lines or surfaces) of different components can be prepared and screened in a highly multiplexed and efficient manner.

This allows users to identify complex extracellular matrices compositions according to the cell of interest and their intended applications.

Identified formulations can subsequently be used for a range of applications: bioinks for bioprinting, culturing of difficult to grow cells, coating onto scaffolds, improved cell-based assays…

  • HT Formulation (Bioprinter)
  • Cell seeding and incubation
  • HT Screening (Microscopy)
  • Hit selection and confirmation
Example for the formulation of 3-components library: i.e. ternary diagram
2 ternary diagrams printed onto a microscope slide (441 different compositions)